Europython update

Jacob Hallen
14 Apr 2004 15:22:40 GMT

Europython news update

- Due to our earlier delays, we have decided to push the deadline for
submitting talks until the 26th of April. While we have a nice set of
proposals in several tracks, there are some that neeed a boost. Submit
your talk today!

- Early Bird registration is open, as is registration for cheap accomodation.
Deadline for both of these is 1 May 2004. This deadline will not move.

- Our keynote speakers will be Guido van Rossum and Mark Shuttleworth.
If you don't know who Mark Shuttleworth is, find out at
If you don't know who Guido van Rossum is, you really need to come to
Europython to find out.

About Europython

Europython is a community Python and Zope conference that is now in
its third year. It will be held in Göteborg, Sweden from 7 June 2004
until 9 June 2004. There will be many tracks, tutorials, sprints, good
food, good weather and lots of fun. Göteborg offers lots of fun things
to do, so it is a good opportunity to bring your family.

Find out more at