ANNOUNCE: Gnome-Python 2.0.3

Johan Dahlin johan at
Sat Aug 7 14:56:29 CEST 2004

Gnome-Python 2.0.3 is now available at:

Gnome-Python provides bindings for the Gnome 2.x development platform 
libraries.  It builds on top of PyGTK, and includes bindings for the 
following GNOME libraries:

    * the GConf configuration database
    * the Bonobo component system
    * the Gnome-VFS file access library
    * support for writing panel applets and Nautilus views
    * the GtkHTML2 widget.
    * the Gnome-Print print libraries.

Gnome-Python requires PyGTK, PyORBit, Python >= 2.2 and the Gnome 2.x 
development platform to build.

PyGtk, Python and Gnome is usually included in your distribution, if not:
PyGTK can be found on
Python can be found on
Gnome libraries can be found on

This release was only possible because of all hard work made by Gustavo

Changes since 2.0.2:

* Bugfixes
 - Segfault when importing bonobo modules in emdedded python (Johan, Xavier)
 - Warning when import gnome module in emdedded python (Xavier)
 - Fix bonobo.event_source_client_add_listener name and argument
parsing (Gustavo)
 - Accept None for link_id parameter of gnome.help_display (Gustavo)
 - Segfault in gnome.IconList.get_selection (Scott Tsai)
 - Fixes for some gnome.vfs_mime_* functions (Scott Tsai)
 - Fix crash in bonobo.activation.active_server_register (Gustavo)

Questions about Gnome-Python can be directed to the PyGTK list:
Bug reports should be filed at the Gnome bug tracker:
Johan Dahlin <johan at>

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