ANN: Python-2.4 available at

Remi Delon remi at
Fri Dec 3 18:31:08 CET 2004

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce that Python-2.4 is already available on all of
our servers.

People using Python CGI or Python-2.4-compatible application servers
will be able to use all the new features of Python-2.4 for their

We've only installed a few third-party modules for it so far, but
we'll install more as they become available and as people need them.

About is a hosting provider specialized in Python.
Supported software includes Zope, Plone, Quixote, CherryPy, Webware,
 SkunkWeb, Twisted, Spyce, mod_python and others (in fact, pretty
 much everything you want that runs on Python).


PS: will be 2 years old in a few weeks :-)

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