Snurf 0.2

Mark Rowe snurf-website at
Fri Dec 10 05:35:48 CET 2004

I am pleased to announce Snurf 0.2, the first released version of my 
Python-based blogging system. It differs from many similar systems in 
that it uses the file-system for data storage, and generates static 
HTML files which are then served by a standard web-server.

Snurf sports support for the `Movable Type`_ XML->RPC interface that is 
commonly used by blogging clients to create and edit posts.  Thanks to 
a contribution to a contribution from `David Creemer`_ it also supports 
the MetaWeblog interface used to upload images and other media content.

By leveraging the power of the `Cheetah templating library_` it is 
incredibly simple to radically change the look and feel of Snurf's 
output.  The default template, as seen on the `Snurf website`_, is 
intelligently structured so that the look of the website can be changed 
entirely through CSS.

Snurf 0.2 is available for `download`_.  Installation instructions are 
provided in the included `README.txt`_.

.. _Movable Type:
.. _David Creemer:
.. _Cheetah templating library:
.. _Snurf website:
.. _download:
.. _README.txt:

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