Snurf 0.2.1 - A Python-based Blogging System

Mark Rowe snurf-website at
Wed Dec 22 11:32:14 CET 2004

I am pleased to announce `Snurf 0.2.1`_, a bug-fix release for the 
Snurf blogging system.

.. _Snurf 0.2.1:

What is Snurf?

Snurf is a Python-based blogging system that differs from many similar 
systems in that it uses the file-system for data storage, and generates 
static HTML files which are then served by a standard web-server.


  * Web addresses entered in comments now have http:// prepended if it 
is not already present. Previously such addresses would have been 
interpreted by the web browser as a URL relative to the post's address.
  * The default templates now use HTML entities rather than UTF-8 
characters for non-ASCII characters. This removes the need to configure 
the web server to send the correct "charset" field in the Content-Type 
header of Snurf-generated pages.

Snurf 0.2.1 is available for `download`_.  Installation instructions 
are provided in the included `README.txt`_.

.. _download:
.. _README.txt:


Mark Rowe

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