Unununium OS 0.1-rc2 released

Phil Frost uuu-devel@unununium.org
Sun, 4 Jul 2004 14:57:18 -0400

Unununium is an OS in development written primarily in Python. Currently
implemented features include a fully functional Python interpreter,
floppy, ATA, and ext2 drivers written entirely in Python. For a
discussion of motives behind the development and planned features, see

The most current release is available at
<http://unununium.org/download#releases>. Further questions may be
addressed to our development list, <mailto:uuu-devel@unununium.org>.

<p><a href="http://unununium.org/">Unununium OS 0.1-rc2</A> - an
operating system written in Python. (04-Jul-04)</p>