PyNSource 1.4a - UML reverse engineering and modelling tool for Python source code

Andy Bulka
5 Jul 2004 05:47:25 -0700

Announcing PyNSource 1.4a
A UML reverse engineering and modelling tool for Python source code.

PyNSource is a python code scanner and UML modelling tool that
generates UML diagrams that you can layout, arrange and print out. A
standalone exe release for windows users is available.

PyNSource can also generate UML ASCII / text diagrams, which you can
paste into your source code for documentation purposes, in conjunction
with an ascii art editor (see references on web site).

PyNSource can scan python source code and generate compilable Java or
Delphi code, which can be subsequently imported into more
sophisticated UML modelling tools.
New in this release
Version 1.4a

GUI changes:
- Right Click on a node to delete it.
- Run Layout anytime from menu.
- Left click on background will deselect any selected shapes
Parser changes:
- Fixed indentation error causing more output than normal in text ouput
- Module level functions not treated as classes any more
- Smarter detection of composition relationships, as long as classname 
  and variable name are the same (ignoring case) then PyNSource will detect e.g.

  class Cat:

  class A:
    def __init__(self, cat):
      self.cats.append(Cat())  # always has worked, composition detected.
      self.cats.append(cat)    # new 1.4 feature, composition detected here too.

 * Resilient: doesn't import the python files, thus will 
   never get "stuck" when syntax is wrong. 
 * Fast
 * Recognises inheritance and composition  relationships
 * Detects the cardinality of associations e.g. 
   one to one or 1..*  etc
 * Optionally treat modules as classes - creating a 
   pseudo class for each module - module variables and 
   functions are treated as attributes and methods of a class
 * Has been developed using unit tests (supplied) so that 
   you can trust it just that little bit more ;-)
 * Free