Call for Participation LL4

Jeremy Hylton jhylton at
Wed Nov 24 05:24:36 CET 2004

Call for Participation

Lightweight Languages Workshop 2004 (LL4)
Saturday, December 4, 2004
Stata Center, MIT, Cambridge, Mass.

LL4 will be an intense, exciting, one-day forum bringing together the
best programming language implementors and researchers, from both
academia and industry, to exchange ideas and information, to challenge
one another, and to learn from one another.

If you plan to attend, please register via the website as soon as
possible.  There is no cost to attend, but we need to know how many
people to expect.  Lunch will be provided.

On-site registration will begin at 9am.  Talks will run from 10am to
5pm.  See the website for schedule details.

Debugging without Programming
  Henry Lieberman, MIT Media Lab
  Earl Wagner, Northwestern University

Dynamic Languages on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) - IronPython
  Jim Hugunin, Microsoft

Using Scheme to Develop Control Systems for a Large Telescope
  Richard A. Cleis

Small programs with Zest and Marmalade
  Benjamin Schroeder and John Pierce

Eliza, a small strongly typed functional logic programming language
  Matthias Huerlemann

Continuations continued: The REST of the computation
  Anton van Straaten, AppSolutions Corp.

Gooze, a stream processing language
  Jonathan Bachrach, MIT CSAIL

Frink - A Language for Understanding the Physical World
  Alan Eliasen

Sponsored by Microsoft Research
Hosted by the Software Design Group at MIT CSAIL

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