RELEASED Python 2.4 (final)

Anthony Baxter anthony at
Tue Nov 30 13:31:34 CET 2004

On behalf of the Python development team and the Python community, I'm
happy to announce the release of Python 2.4.

Python 2.4 is a final, stable release, and we can recommend that Python
users upgrade to this version.

Python 2.4 is the result of almost 18 month's worth of work on top 
of Python 2.3 and represents another stage in the careful evolution 
of Python. New language features have been kept to a minimum, many 
bugs have been fixed and a wide variety of improvements have been made.

Notable changes in Python 2.4 include improvements to the importing of
modules, generator expressions, function decorators, a number of new 
modules (including subprocess, decimal and cookielib) and countless 
numbers of fixed bugs and smaller enhancements. For more, see the 
(subjective) highlights, the release notes, or Andrew Kuchling's What's 
New In Python, all available from the 2.4 web page.

Please log any problems you have with this release in the SourceForge
bug tracker (noting that you're using Python 2.4):

Enjoy the new (stable!) release,

Anthony Baxter
anthony at
Python Release Manager
(on behalf of the entire python-dev team)
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