[ANN] Boo 0.4.3 - python-like language for .NET/Mono

Doug Holton no at spam.please
Mon Oct 11 01:39:42 CEST 2004

Rodrigo B. de Oliveira released version 0.4.3 of boo, I thought I'd 
share it here since there has been so much interest for similar projects 
like IronPython.


Boo is a python-like language for .NET or the cross-platform Mono 

Version 0.4.3 adds an interactive interpreter (booish, similar to IDLE 
for python), elif, and a bug fix.

I wrote up some notes on boo for people already familiar with Python:

Also I have collected some starter resources for getting into .NET 
programming: http://developers.coedit.net/DotNetProgramming

A summary of some distinct features of boo:

-quickly compile to an exe (can run cross-platform with Mono)
-closures/anonymous methods: http://boo.codehaus.org/Closures
     x = def():
         ...some code here
-optional static typing:
     "x as int", "static def method1() as string:"
-simple super(), automatic super calls and constructors
-unless statement
-built-in support for regular expressions
-timespan literals: "100ms"
-extensible compiler pipeline
-custom macros and attributes (similar to decorators)
-includes an interactive interpreter (booish) and an IDE
  with code completion (boox, still in development).

Features in common with C#:

-interfaces, enums, events
-properties with getters and setters
    Version as string:
           return _version
           _version = value
-lock (like "synchronized" in java)
-asynchronous execution with BeginInvoke
-parameter checking with required attribute:
    def foo([required(value > 3)] value as int):
-using statement: (disposes of object when finished using)
    using f = System.IO.File.OpenText('using0.boo'):

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