ANN: PyOpenOffice 0.23 released

Simon me.simon at
Thu Oct 14 09:17:20 CEST 2004

New since release 0.21:

# 0.23 SXW Tables with different column widths now can be mapped to PDF 
- important for financial reports etc. (have a look at test.sxw).
# History and cleanup functions for the temporary files generated by 
# Reference implementation for usage of PyOpenOffice available on the 
same page: "Bezirksreiter" (open source software for church 
administration - sorry, only available in German language)
# 0.22 Bugfixes for makeSerialLetters(): Multi:TFA-...-TFE rows do not 
have to be the last row of this table anymore.
# You may now provide sourcefiles that are not in the directory of (in earlier releases PyOpenOffice stopped with an error).
# New feature for makeSerialLetters(): provide a preprocessed 
content.xml to the variable "content" (read the docstrings).

Have a look at:
Martin Simon

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