ANNOUNCE: Quixote version 2.0a1 released

Neil Schemenauer nas at
Thu Oct 14 23:15:27 CEST 2004

Quixote 2.0a1 is now available for download from:

Note that this release should be considered alpha quality.  We have
a lot more changes planned before we reach version 2.0.  The main
purpose of this release is to give people who are interested in
Unicode support something to play with.  Also note that this version
requires Python >= 2.3.

Changes in Quixote 2.0a1

  * Add support for unicode.  The HTTPResponse object now has a
    set_charset() method.  Also, the htmltext and TemplateIO types
    can contain unicode strings.

  * Add support to HTTPRequest for multipart/form-data type requests.
    Enhance MIME parsing so that it doesn't read huge lines into memory.
    Also implement parsing of application/x-www-form-urlencoded data
    rather than using the standard module. Remove UPLOAD_DIR and
    UPLOAD_DIR_MODE config options. Uploaded files are now created using
    the tempfile module.

  * Use bool objects where appropriate.  Prefer using builtin types over
    using the 'types' module.

  * Rewrite http_request.parse_cookie() and rename it to
    parse_cookies().  When generating cookies, escape quote
    characters that appear in cookie values.

  * Remove the DEBUG_LOG configuration option.  Debugging output now
    always goes to the error log.

  * Remove HTTPRequest.dump_html() method and add dump_request to 'util'
    module.  Remove obsolete functions from 'html' module (html_quote(), 
    value_quote(), link() and render_tag()).

  * Remove form1 library and rename form2 to form.

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