PyCon 2005: Call for Proposals

A.M. Kuchling amk at
Sun Oct 24 01:32:39 CEST 2004

Want to share your expertise?  PyCon DC 2005 is looking for proposals
to fill the formal presentation tracks.

Important Dates

==========================    ===================
Submission deadline           Dec. 31, 2004
Acceptance deadline           Jan. 15, 2005 
Electronic copy deadline      Feb. 10, 2005 
==========================    ===================

PyCon Topics

Suitable topics for PyCon presentations include, but are not limited to:

 * Web-based Systems
 * Databases
 * Network Programming
 * Games Programming
 * Programming Tools
 * Python Documentation
 * Packaging Issues
 * Python in Business
 * Project Best Practices
 * The Python Core
 * Open Source Python Projects
 * Python Integration
 * Python in Education
 * Science and Math

Submission Format

Proposals should ideally be 250 to 1000 words long (i.e. one to four
pages in manuscript format), containing the following information:

 * Author name(s)
 * Contact information
 * Requested timeslot (thirty or forty-five minutes)
 * Summary of proposed presentation
 * Presentation outline

ASCII format is preferred (plain or 
`reST <>`_),
with HTML as a secondary alternative.
If you have any queries about submission, or if you would like to discuss
the possibility of submitting in a different format or style, please send
mail to the conference organizers at `pycon at <mailto:pycon at>`_.

Submission Mechanics

Use the `PyCon Online Proposal Submission <>`_
to send us your proposals and ideas.

If your paper is accepted, you have the option of including a companion
paper along with your presentation.  The paper will get published on the
PyCon web site.  Presentations and papers may be in text (plain or
`reST <>`_), HTML, or PDF; HTML
and PDF are preferred.

Other Presentations

If you don't want to make a formal presentation, there will be a
significant amount of Open Space to allow for informal and
spur-of-the-moment presentations for which no formal submission is
required.  There will also be several Lightning Talk sessions for
talks no longer than five minutes.

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