ANN: PyOpenOffice 0.1 released

Martin_Simon me.simon at
Mon Sep 13 20:06:22 CEST 2004

Process Writer Files and transform them to PDF without 

What is PyOpenOffice?
     * It is a class library, written in the Python Language.
     * It is a platform-independent command-line utility (many abilities 
of the commandline interface are still missing)

What can do PyOpenOffice do for you?
     * Make serial letters, database reports etc. from templates in the 
SXW-Format and store them anew as SXW-Files
     * Extract the pure text information from the SXW-Document and store 
it in a plain text file or a PDF-File
     * Perform simple transformations from SXW-Files to PDF-Files 
without installing OO - for example on a webserver

What license has PyOpenOffice?
     * It is distributed under the GNU Public License

What software is required?
     * Any operating system that supports the following software:
     * Python 2.3 (maybe it works form 2.1 upwards, but this is not 
recommended) for the SXW-Processing
     * The ReportlabToolkit and the Python Imaging Library for the 
transformation from SXW to PDF
     * for viewing and editing the templates
     * The PyOpenOffice-Zip-Package


There you also find a "Live"-version to test it without installing.

Martin Simon

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