ANN: Candygram 1.0 beta 2 (Python + Erlang)

Michael Hobbs michael at
Mon Sep 13 23:11:34 CEST 2004

The second beta version of Candygram is now available. The changes
included in this release are:
* Changed behavior of list patterns to repeat last element. (See
documentation for details.)
* A single Receiver object may now be used by multiple processes.
* Added Receiver.removeHandler() method.
* Can pass a Process subclass to spawn() and spawnLink().
* New wxProcess example class integrates Candygram with wxPython.
* Updated FAQ.

Candygram is a Python implementation of Erlang concurrency primitives.
Erlang is widely respected for its elegant built-in facilities for
concurrent programming. This package attempts to emulate those facilities
as closely as possible in Python. With Candygram, developers can send and
receive messages between threads using semantics nearly identical to those
in the Erlang language.

More information about Candygram can be found at

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