PyODB a Python unixODBC API binding

Neil Moses ndmoses at
Tue Sep 14 11:28:00 CEST 2004

I would like to announce the first release of PyODB a Python unixODBC 
API binding.

PyODB is a Python module and provides a simplified set of bindings to 
( allowing fast and easy development of open 

The module supports multiple database connections using a connection 
class and
two methods execute() and fetch() to handle SQL queries. Disconnection 
from the
database is automatic using the class destructor.

My main aim in producing this software was to hide the complexities of 
the ODBC
C API from the programmer and so simplify application development. I 
imagine this
might appeal to people providing dynamic content on a web server or 
anyone who
wished to experiment with ODBC in developing small applications.

The software has been developed on a Linux environment using Python 2.3
and SWIG ( The module has been tested on Linux and
Solaris platforms using databases PostgreSQL and Informix, but should work
on any platform supporting unixODBC and an ODBC database driver.

To download the release visit

Neil Moses

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