Pythonutils Update and Mailing List

Michael Foord fuzzyman at
Thu Sep 23 11:57:17 CEST 2004

Yup.. another exciting new set of updates to the pythonutils
scripts... ;-)

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Examples and small modules -
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Pythonutils mailing list -

*NEW* auth_example        Version 1.0.0
This is more of a tutorial than a script. It shows how to do basic
authentication over http (a 401 error) using python. Several examples
and explanation of what is happening at each stage. Useful for writing
http clients or understanding http. Located at

*NEW* Pythonutils Mailing List
For news about updates on all the Voidspace Python scripts and
programs. This includes Nanagram, Dirwatcher, approx and ConfigObj et
al. Also support, bugfixes and discussion.

*UPDATE* approx        Version 0.6.0 - cgiproxy for browsing in a restricted internet
Basic authentication works - including multiple users with multiple
Bug fixed in multiple user cookie support.
Refactored to be cleaner and easier to work on. (Could still be
Removed duplicate error handling code.
In the event of errors (e.g. 404 error) the form to enter a URL is
printed - making browsing easier...
Reimplemented the POST method in a much simpler way - this way just
proxies file uploads etc. (And imposes max file upload size)
Added logging of requests - also for debugging.
Some more helpful error messages and 'more correct' handling of unkown
error codes.
Proxying of request headers from the browser to the new request.

*UPDATE* guestbook        Version 1.1.1 - python guestbook with HTML templates.
Email feature is now cross platform, not just for Linux servers. (Uses
smtplib rather than sendmail).
Attempting to fix a problem with carriage returns - odd.
Changed license text.
Various minor tinkerings..
Removed the need to have the script name in the template.
Added the word poker to the list of banned words (to stop certain
Added 'from_email' to the templates - which means this version of isn't compatible with an old template file. Added a work
around so people won't notice (You *can* use old templates if you want

*UPDATE* http_test        Version 1.3.0    - script illustrating CGI environment and http. Useful
for debugging. Online version as well.
Will work with cookielib as well as ClientCookie.
Will display an http error 'reason' if one exists...
Print the form even in the event of errors.
Will do basic authentication - stored username/passwords are valid for
2 minutes.

*UPDATE* dataenc        Version 1.1.5    - secure time limited logins over CGI and binary to
ascii conversion.
Increased speed in table_enc and table_dec.
Version 1.1.4
Slight docs improvement.
Slight speed improvement in binleave and binunleave.

*UPDATE* ConfigObj        Version 3.2.2 and    - ultra simple config file
reading and writing.
Defined basestring for Python 2.2. (Thanks to Imre Andras Robert for
uncovering this).

*UPDATE* caseless        Version 2.1.1    - case insensitive dictionary, list and sort method.
Defined sliceobj for versions of Python prior to 2.3

*NEW* in_test            Version 1.0.0 - view raw CGI POST data
A simple test CGI that show several HTML forms and then displays the
raw data posted to the CGI from the form. I created it for my own
purposes - but someone else may find it useful to understand/view how
the browser sends form data to a CGI. (Including file uploads).
Online version at

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from $1 a month. I've been with Xennos for nearly a year, on one of
their cheaper packages, and am very pleased with the service.
Any of my Python CGIs ( ) can be
installed and used on a xennos account - great for creating/testing
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forum CGI ?...)



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