ANN: matplotlib-0.80

John Hunter jdhunter at
Wed Apr 13 23:44:51 CEST 2005

matplotlib is a 2D graphics package that produces plots from python
scripts, the python shell, or embeds them in your favorite python GUI
-- wx, gtk, tk, fltk and qt.  Unlike many python plotting alternatives
is written in python, so it is easy to extend.  matplotlib is used in
the finance industry, web application servers, and many scientific and
enginneering disciplines.  With a large community of users and
developers, matplotlib is approaching the goal of having a full
featured, high quality, 2D plotting library for python.

A lot of development has gone into matplotlib since the last major
release, which I'll summarize here.  For details, see the notes for
the incremental releases at 

Improvements since 0.70

 -- contouring: 

    Lots of new contour funcitonality with line and polygon contours
    provided by contour and contourf.  Automatic inline contour
    labeling with clabel. See

 -- QT backend
    Sigve Tjoraand, Ted Drain and colleagues at the JPL collaborated
    on a QTAgg backend

 -- Unicode strings are rendered in the agg and postscript backends.
    Currently, all the symbols in the unicode string have to be in the
    active font file.  In later releases we'll try and support symbols
    from multiple ttf files in one string.  See

 -- map and projections

    A new release of the basemap toolkit -  See

 -- Auto-legends

    The automatic placement of legends is now supported with
    loc='best'; see examples/  We did this at the
    matplotlib sprint at pycon -- Thanks John Gill and Phil! Note that
    your legend will move if you interact with your data and you force
    data under the legend line.  If this is not what you want, use a
    designated location code.

 -- Quiver (direction fields)

    Ludovic Aubry contributed a patch for the matlab compatible quiver
    method.  This makes a direction field with arrows.  See

 -- Performance optimizations

    Substantial optimizations in line marker drawing in agg

 -- Robust log plots

    Lots of work making log plots "just work".  You can toggle log y
    Axes with the 'l' command -- nonpositive data are simply ignored
    and no longer raise exceptions.  log plots should be a lot faster
    and more robust

 -- Many more plotting functions, bugfixes, and features, detailed in
    the 0.71, 0.72, 0.73 and 0.74 point release notes at


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