ANN: Snakelets 1.39 (simple-to-use web app server with dynamic pages)

Irmen de Jong irmen.NOSPAM at
Sun Apr 17 14:08:17 CEST 2005

I'm happy to say that Snakelets 1.39 is available.

Snakelets is a very simple-to-use Python web application server.
This project provides a built-in threaded web server (so you don't
need to set up Apache or another web server), Ypages (HTML+Python
language, similar to Java's JSPs) and Snakelets: code-centric page
request handlers (similar to Java's Servlets).
Snakelets is fully unicode compatible and it's possible to run it
from a CD (read-only mode).

It's released under the open-source MIT Software license.

You can download from
(go to the SF project site, and then the file section).

Recent changes include:

- Cleanups of a lot of html
- (snakelet index page) support
- session timeout page configurable
- cross-webapp user authentication method configurable
- works on Python 2.4.1 (contains workaround for codec.readline bug)
- fixed possible session cookie issues
- 'manage' webapp improvements, added vhost config page

Note: you need to update your Plugin package too.
The old versions won't run anymore.

To start, edit the vhost config file (see docs) and
then run the script, or the script
if you want to start it as a daemon (on Unix).

--Irmen de Jong.

P.S. if you want to see it in action, visit
      (the site is all Dutch though)

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