ANN: Vampire 1.6, an extension module for mod_python.

grahamd at grahamd at
Fri Apr 22 04:10:12 CEST 2005

Vampire 1.6 is now available.

Vampire is an extension module for mod_python, which provides a more
flexible dispatch mechanism for basic content handlers, as well as an
alternative implementation of the mod_python.publisher module. A range
of other useful features are also provided which make using mod_python
a much more pleasant experience.

For a quick overview of the features that Vampire provides check out:

For a full list of changes in this new version check out:

A couple of bugs have been fixed in this version, along with some new
features and improvements. The supplied example of how to use
mod_python/Vampire with Cheetah templates has also been improved.

Problems fixed include a bug in the module import mechanism which was
causing thread lockups when import modules were doing sub imports and
the system was heavily loaded with requests against the
same resource. Plus changes to allow Digest or other forms of
authentication to be carried out by Apache and not have Vampire get in
the way by throwing back a bad request error due to not knowing
anything about that specific authentication type.

Most significant new feature is a way of overriding login
authentication and access hooks so that an alternate mechanism to Basic
authentication can be used. This allows for example a session based
mechanism using a web form for login to be easily used.


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