ZODB 3.2.7 final released

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Tue Apr 26 23:10:13 CEST 2005

I'm pleased to announce the release of ZODB 3.2.7 (final).  This corresponds
to the ZODB that will be released in Zope 2.7.6 (final) tomorrow.

You can download a source tarball or Windows installer from:


ZODB 3.2.7 fixes a critical bug in BTree conflict resolution, which could,
in rare cases, lead to silent data loss.  It's strongly recommended that all
ZODB 3.2 users upgrade to 3.2.7 for this reason alone.

There are also a small number of minor bugfixes, and new code allowing for
better control of ZEO server processes on Windows.

See the news file for details:


Note that there are two Windows installers, one for use with the Python 2.3
line (2.3.5 is recommended), and one for use with the Python 2.4 line (2.4.1
is recommended).  Note that Python 2.4 has not yet been certified for use
with Zope, but Python 2.4.1 is supported for standalone ZODB/ZEO use.

ZODB 3.2.7 can be used with Zopes in the 2.7 line, at or after Zope 2.7.3.

Note that ZODB 3.2.7 does not support development on Zope 2.8, Zope X3 or
Zope 3 (they require the ZODB 3.4 line now).

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