ANN: KirbyBase 1.8.1

Jamey Cribbs jcribbs at
Wed Apr 27 02:36:41 CEST 2005

KirbyBase is a simple, plain-text, database management system written in 
Python.  It can be used either embedded in a python script or in a 
client/server, multi-user mode.  You use python code to express your 
queries instead of having to use another language such as SQL.  
KirbyBase is disk-based, not memory-based.  Database changes are 
immediately written to disk.

You can find more information on KirbyBase at:

You can download KirbyBase for Python at:

The credit for this release goes entirely to Pierre Quentel, the author 
of Karrigell (  Pierre contributed 
every code change that made it into this version.  Thanks!

Changes in Version 1.8.1:

        -Added the ability to select, update, delete multiple records by
         specifying a list of record numbers.
        -Cleaned up the internals of _getMatchesByRecno by not splitting
         the record line into fields if user is selecting all records, and
         by using a generator to return matches instead of building a list
         of matches and returning the whole list.

Jamey Cribbs
jcribbs at

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