ANN: matplotlib 0.83.2

John Hunter jdhunter at
Tue Aug 2 15:24:25 CEST 2005

matplotlib is a 2D plotting package for python.  This is a summary of
recent developments in matplotlib since 0.80.  For detailed notes, see, and

== Whats New ==

matplotlib wiki: this was just launched a few days ago and only has
  two entries to date, but we hope this will grow into a useful site
  with tutorials, howtos, installation notes, recipes, etc.  Please
  contribute!  Thanks to and Enthought for hosting.

CocoaAgg: New CocoaAgg backend for native GUI on OSX, 10.3 and 10.4
  compliant, contributed by Charles Moad.

TeX support : Now you can (optionally) use TeX to handle all of the
  text elements in your figure with the rc param text.usetex in the
  antigrain and postscript backends; see  Thanks to
  Darren Dale for hard work on the TeX support.

Reorganized config files: Made HOME/.matplotlib the new config dir
  where the matplotlibrc file, the ttf.cache, and the tex.cache live.
  Your .matplotlibrc file, if you have one, should be renamed to

Masked arrays: Support for masked arrays in line plots, pcolor and
  contours.  Thanks Eric Firing and Jeffrey Whitaker.

New image resize options interpolation options.  See help(imshow) for
  details, particularly the interpolation, filternorm and filterrad
  kwargs.  New values for the interp kwarg are:
    'nearest', 'bilinear', 'bicubic', 'spline16', 'spline36',
    'hanning', 'hamming', 'hermite', 'kaiser', 'quadric', 'catrom',
    'gaussian', 'bessel', 'mitchell', 'sinc', 'lanczos', 'blackman'

Byte images: Much faster imaeg loading for MxNx4 or MxNx3 UInt8
  images, which bypasses the memory and CPU intensive integer/floating
  point conversions.  Thanks Nicolas Girard.

Fast markers on win32: The marker cache optimization is finally
  available for win32, after an agg bug was found and fixed (thanks
  Maxim!).  Line marker plots should be considerably faster now on

Qt in ipython/pylab: You can now use qt in ipython pylab mode.  Thanks
  Fernando Perez and the Orsay team!

Agg wrapper proper: Started work on a proper agg wrapper to expose
  more general agg functionality in mpl.  See examples/
  Lots of wrapping remains to be done.

Subplot configuration: There is a new toolbar button on
  GTK*, WX* and TkAgg to launch the subplot configuration tool.

GUI neutral widgets: Matplotlib now has cross-GUI widgets (buttons,
  check buttons, radio buttons and sliders).  See
  examples/widgets/*.py and  This makes
  it easier to create interactive figures that run across backends.

Full screen mode in GTK*: Use 'f' to toggle full screen mode in the
  GTK backends.  Thanks Steve Chaplin.

Downloads available from

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