ANN: AOPython 1.0.1

Daniel Miller millerdev at
Wed Aug 3 05:01:03 CEST 2005

What is it?
AOPython is an AOP module for Python.

Changes since the last release
- API CHANGE: Changed argument order of weave function: weave(aspects, object, includes...) seems more logical than weave(object, aspects, includes...) since Aspect now has a weave method with that argument order.
- Removed "dangerous method name" check from Aspect.wrap. Rare cases may exist in which those methods may need to be wrapped. Not to mention it's more consistent with the Zen of Python.
- Switched from using types.MethodType to __get__(instance, class) to create methods from functions. The tests seem to run a tiny bit faster, so it may improve performance (probably not).
- Minor code cleanup.
- Minor improvements to documentation.
- Reorganized the aopython module (moved internal functions to the bottom, etc.).
- Added __version__ and __all__ variables to aopython.
- Renamed unwrapDict to _unwrapDict.

Download/leave comments/ask questions
Comments are appreciated.

<p><a href="">AOPython 1.0.1</a> - Aspect Oriented Python (02-Aug-05)</p>

~ Daniel Miller
  millerdev at

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