Twisted Sprint: Hobart Australia, 1-3 April 2005

Mary Gardiner mary-python at
Mon Feb 7 11:59:54 CET 2005

Australian Twisted developers and friends are holding a Twisted Sprint
in Hobart this year:

 Dates: Friday 1 April 2005 - Sunday 3 April 2005

 Location: Thanks to Nunatak Systems, Chris Armstrong, Jonathan Lange
 and Timothy Stebbing we've got locations in Sandy Bay, Hobart,
 Tasmania, Australia. See the wiki link below for more info.

The sprint is going to be fairly informal: no attendance fees, no formal
registration system. The flipside is that you'll be responsible for
organising travel, accommodation and meals.

While we haven't decided on a firm goal or goals for the sprint, we'll
be working on code destined for the TM Labs projects (that is, the
Twisted subversion respository). 

I've set up a temporary wiki for notes about the sprint, including
topics, venues and accommodation options:

If you're going to come along, please let us know ASAP, both by replying
to this mail (off list) and by adding your name to
(I want people to email me as well so that I have contact details for


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