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Ransdell, Robert Ethan rransdel at
Sat Feb 26 01:40:03 CET 2005

Hexerei 1.1!

    Hexerei is a colorful software package for Python (and optionally a
web server) that assigns
a color value to each word or letter in a database. Hexerei then
utilizes the PIL to convert produce
an image consisting of color blocks which correspond to the given text.
Thus, "a thousand words"
become a picture!
    I have provided sourcecode access in HTML format for anyone to view.
As all the important
functions are in a few scripts and run by another script, it is simple
for users to import the code
and run it from a command line or interpreter.

 -   Just set the permissions (with a web server) and run the code!
 -   Tools are included for creating XHTML files on-the-fly.
 -   Preferences can be set for many features.
 -   Simple text documents are store encountered words and letters and
to maintain a list of statistics.

    Hexerei is released under the GNU GPL.

 -   Working example:
 -   On
 -   Download Hexerei 1.1:

I started learning Python in a computational linguistics class last
semester and kept going! If you
have any comments, suggestions, or requests, I'd love it if you emailed
me at the address below:
        rransdel at <mailto:rransdel at> 


Ethan Ransdell
    rransdel at <mailto:rransdel at>

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