ANN: Vampire 1.7 is now available. grahamd at
Wed Jun 8 08:30:48 CEST 2005

Vampire 1.7 is now available.

Vampire is an extension module for mod_python, which provides a more
flexible dispatch mechanism for basic content handlers, as well as an
alternative implementation of the mod_python.publisher module. A range
of other useful features are also provided which make using mod_python
a much more pleasant experience. Note that Vampire is not strictly a
framework in itself, it is essentially glue to help you make it easier
to use mod_python.

For a quick overview of the features that Vampire provides check out:

For a full list of changes in this new version check out:

As usual, some bugs have been fixed in this version, along with
some new features and improvements.

One of the more significant changes is the ability to optionally
install import hooks so that the "import" syntax can be used to import
file based modules using the Vampire module importing and caching
system. This means that if using Cheetah Templates and a template
extends another, a change in the base class template will now result
in the derived template being automatically reloaded without the
derived class template needing to be recompiled.

Another change is the inclusion of a new wrapper class and changes to
some of the existing wrapper classes, such that if a class type is
wrapped, an instance of that class will be created automatically to
handle each request thus making it easier to construct servlet like

The range of examples included has been expanded upon, with better
examples on use of HTMLTemplate, Cheetah Templates, PSP, sessions and
the forms based login mechanism, as well as more basic examples of
using the wrapper classes to enhance basic content handlers.


Graham Dumpleton

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