[ANN] XPN 0.5.6

Nemesis nemesis at nowhere.invalid
Sun Mar 12 13:57:24 CET 2006

XPN (X Python Newsreader) is a multi-platform newsreader with Unicode
support. It is written with Python+GTK. It has features like
scoring/actions, X-Face and Face decoding, muting of quoted text,
newsrc import/export, find article and search in the body, spoiler
char/rot13, random taglines and configurable attribution lines.

You can find it on:




Changes in this release:

    *  added message-id recognition. Now XPN tries to recognize
       message-ids in the text and make them clickable in order
       to open a search window. 
    *  added a dialog window that informs you when XPN downloads new
       articles in watched threads. 
    *  some improvements in Global Search, now is possible to perform
       multiple searches. 
    *  now XPN checks if there are other istances running (it uses the
       file xpn.lock in the XPN directory). This behaviour should
       prevent database break off. 
    *  some fixes in the Score Window 
    *  fixed some bugs in header management 
    *  fixed a bug that caused crashes with multipart articles with
       email attached

XPN is translated in Italian French and German, if you'd like to
translate it in your language and you are familiar with gettext and
po-files editing please contact me (xpn at altervista.org).

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