[ANN] DOPAL 0.60 - Python library for Azureus

Allan Crooks dopal-annmail at sixtyten.org
Wed May 3 20:31:09 CEST 2006

DOPAL is a library to allow programs written in Python to easily
communicate the Java BitTorrent client Azureus, via the XML/HTTP plugin
(allowing communication over a network).

Version 0.60 is the fourth public release of DOPAL. The first major
change is the addition of a new scripting framework - this allows DOPAL
to be used much small scripts to be written much more conveniently, as
well as making it easy to write much more portable scripts than before.

The goal of this framework is to make DOPAL a much more convenient and
natural choice to write specific behaviour for Azureus (without having
the overhead of creating a plugin). Check the "scripts" link for more
information and examples.

The second major change is that DOPAL is now Unicode-friendly -
tracebacks no longer occur when trying to deal with torrents which
contain characters that are not supported by the default system
encoding. Unicode data is also now encoded properly when sending XML for
Azureus to process.

There's also various other minor changes - check the changelog for more

The method definitions in this release are in sync with Azureus
b20 (though you can use any version of Azureus with DOPAL).

It provides a very Pythonic way of interacting with the objects
available in Azureus's Plugin API - you can interact with remote objects
and invoke methods on them as easily as any normal Python object (while
all the connection handling and XML generation and parsing is done
behind the scenes). It also allows you to write code which can do just
the same things as Java plugins for Azureus can (well, almost).

Website: http://dopal.sourceforge.net/
Example usage: http://dopal.sourceforge.net/examples.html
Scripts: http://dopal.sourceforge.net/scripts.html

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