Shed Skin Python-to-C++ Compiler 0.0.8

Mark Dufour mark.dufour at
Thu May 4 15:12:48 CEST 2006

Hi there,

I have just released version 0.0.8 of Shed Skin, an optimizing
Python-to-C++ compiler. It allows for translation of pure
(unmodified), implicitly statically typed Python programs into
optimized C++, and hence, highly optimized machine language. Many
non-trivial benchmarks (ray tracer, chess player, othello player, sat
solver, 3 sudoku solvers..) run typically 2-40 times faster than when
using Psyco, 12 times on average, and 2-220 times than when using
CPython, 45 times on average.

Please see for for information, and
a link to my Master's Thesis, with detailed measurements and an
explanation of how the compiler works. Please feel free to join the
project (it's currently only 6000 lines!), or look into the
possibilities of doing a Google SoC project on it (I got accepted last
year, so it might be possible again! :)) Otherwise, please give it a
run and let me know what breaks.

Mark Dufour.
"How should I know if it works? That's what beta testers are for. I
only coded it." - Linus Torvalds

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