A reminder for submission of talks for EuroPython agility track

Aiste Kesminaite aiste at pov.lt
Fri May 26 13:38:27 CEST 2006

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Hello everyone dealing with agility!

This is a reminder for submission of talks for EuroPython,
and in particular the "agility" track.  You still have time
to register your proposal for the 3-5th July conference.
The proposals' registration ends on 31st of May.
Early bird registration for participants closes today, btw.

The full call and submission links are at:


We currently envision our track to consist of two or three sessions,
which we'll sketch out at the end of this mail.  We'd like to
discuss/plan with the actual talkers before the conference
how we do the sessions.

If you have tools, management experiences or theories related
to agile practises, please don't hesitate to draft an
abstract, it'll be fun and interesting to get together at
EuroPython 2006!

Please feel free to contact us as track chairs personally
in case of questions,

Aiste Kesminaite, aiste at pov.lt
Bea During, bea at changemaker.nu
Holger Krekel, hpk at merlinux.de

- --- Agility Track Session descriptions ---

Management and Methods
- --------------------------

* experience reports from managing distributed groups
* commercially dealing with open source communities
* practising agile methodologies and practices (XP, Scrum, TDD etc)
  with respect to programmers,non-programmers, customers or government

The focus should be on "project reality" situations that do not match
with the original planning or methods.  By this we mean understanding
how you "tailored" agile methods/practices to fit your project,
understanding the problems and drivers behind this step and the results
achieved.  Reports from managing a company or a particular project (with
respect to the bullet points above) are welcome given that they are not
used for advertising but aim at an effective exchange of experiences.

- -----------------

* general and domain specific test support tools
* tools and technical approaches for organising communication
  and collaborative work in agile settings
* tools supporting agile practises in general

This session will present tools which support agility in programming,
collaboration and organising communication.  A special focus should be
on how the tools are used in real life and how they were adapted to deal
with it.

- --
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