pyswarm 0.6.2 released - Python MDD technology

Anastasios Hatzis ah at
Sat Apr 7 19:28:40 CEST 2007

pyswarm 0.6.2 released - Python MDD technology
New Tool Commands and Improved Command-Line Usage

07 APRIL 2007: Version 0.6.2 is the fifth unstable release of pyswarm and 
and also is the first release officially published under the new licensor, 
the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE).

Priority of this release was the improvement of usability by streamlining 
command-line usage and adding new features to the SDK. New commands hopefully 
will ease working with pyswarm projects and generating applications. 
Command-line options and arguments have been changed to GNU-style 
conventions, while most of these features receive premiere with this release.

SDK installation procedure has been switched to an easier setup procedure 
based on the distutils module from the Python standard library. Please read 
Installation part in the pyswarm documentation on how to remove prior 
releases manually before installing this release.

All runtime libraries necessary for generated apps are now included in the 
generated apps in order to avoid incompatibilities and dependencies 
in future deployments into production environments.

The pyswarm documentation has been updated and can be seperately 
downloaded from the new project web-site. Some bugs have been 
fixed in the SDK, that maybe caused problems during generation.
For detail information please read the CHANGES.txt coming with the 

This release is purposed for study only. It is not recommended to use
for production environment.

Anastasios Hatzis

About pyswarm
pyswarm is an active code-generator for model-driven development (MDD) 
of database-centric and n-tier server applications. Business logic is 
written entirely in Python and can be customized either in UML models 
or in complex Python method implementations, as elegant and powerful as code 
in Python can be. PostgreSQL is used as reliable database-server by the 
generated business logic components to store persistent entity objects.
pyswarm is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The licensor 
is the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE).


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