PEP 11 update - Call for port maintainers to step forward

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Sun Aug 19 14:19:18 CEST 2007

I made a quick update to PEP 11, "Removing support for little used
platforms".  I added details about ending support for AtheOS/Syllable and

I also added a yet-to-be-fleshed out section entitled "Platform
Maintainers".  I intend that to the extent possible we document the
responsible parties for various platforms.  Obviously, common platforms like
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and common Unix platforms (Solaris, *BSD, what
else?)  will continue to be supported by the core Python developer
community, but lesser platforms should have one or more champions, and we
should be able to get ahold of them to determine their continued interest in
supporting Python on their platform(s).  If you are the "owner" of a minor
platform, please drop me a note.  Ones I'm aware of that probably need
specialized support outside the core Python developers include:

    Tru64 (aka OSF/1 and other names (what else?))
    OS2/EMX (Andrew MacIntyre?)
    Solaris < version 8

IRIX and Tru64 are likely to go the way of the dodo if someone doesn't step
up soon to offer support.  I don't expect the others to disappear soon, but
they tend to need more specialized support, especially in more "challenging"
areas (shared library support, threading, etc).

If you maintain the platform-specific aspects for any of these platforms,
please let me know.  If you aren't that person but know who is, please pass
this note along to them.  If I've missed any other platforms (I know I must
have have missed something), let me know that as well.


Skip Montanaro - skip at -

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