FlightFeather Social Networking Platform 0.3.2

George Belotsky python at openlight.com
Wed Jan 31 19:32:50 CET 2007

FlightFeather's goal is "social networking for everyone".  This means
that *anyone* should have a chance to run a *popular* social
networking site -- on minimal hardware, and without wasting bandwidth.

Release 0.3.2 is the current development release. It updates the
submission feature (which currently supports Digg) introduced in
version 0.3.0. The old behavior was to submit article body text only
up to the first URL in the story. The new approach submits the maximum
allowed text, including any URLs encountered along the way. In the
future, there may be an option to enable the old behavior, as well as
other, alternative ways to process submissions.

The current beta release of FlightFeather is 0.2.8.  You can download
these releases (free/open source under the GPL) from the "BoSStats"
site, which runs on FlightFeather.

You are always welcome to participate in the discussion on the
"BoSStats" site; the topic covered (what makes a good boss, office
politics, etc.) is valuable in and of itself.  Please, however,
refrain from posting test comments, as the site is live.

A Brief Overview of FlightFeather and BoSStats
FlightFeather is in its early stages, but it is functional.  You can
see the system in action on the BoSStats site.  BoSStats is
dedicated to improving the world of work: you can discuss what makes a
good boss, or share your experiences of office politics. You can also
comment and vote on the posts made by others.  The application does
not set cookies, and no registration is required for anything except

BoSStats is a good testbed for FlightFeather, and has value of its
own, since meaningful advice about work-related problems is very hard
to find.  A "Wisdom of Crowds" solution -- particularly with strong
privacy protection (see below) -- is a necessary addition to this

FlightFeather's most important feature is that all write requests
generate (or modify) HTML files.  In consequence, a pure read (the
most common operation) merely serves static pages.

The major design focus for FlightFeather are responsiveness and
performance; the system should eventually support very high traffic
volumes.  In addition, FlightFeather allows for a great deal of user
privacy -- a critical, rapidly emerging problem in the social
networking realm.

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