Creating Web 2.0 sites using Python2.5, without a database.

George Belotsky python at
Wed Jan 31 23:23:37 CET 2007

LinuxWorld has published my article about the Relative Static approach
to web application design ("BoSStats, FlightFeather and the Relative
Static Web").

This method tries to capture as much system state as possible in
static HTML files, which the webserver can use directly.  While the
resulting site is dynamic, it is static from the webserver's point of
view. I use this approach in my FlightFeather and Flightdeck-UI Online
Free/Open Source projects.

The article describes why Python (specifically version 2.5) is such a
good choice for Relative Static web applications.  The discussion
focuses on the newly introduced "with" statement and the context
manager type (see link to page 5, below).

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