Cryha - Toolkit for crypto on database

Kless jonas.esp at
Wed Aug 20 10:48:34 CEST 2008

I'm proud to release version 0.9 of Cryha.

Cryha is a Python toolkit for securing information into a data base;
it lets hash passwords, and encrypt/decrypt personal information. It
is ready for input of Unicode characters, and the schema is returned
as Unicode.

The text is stored according to this schema for a hash:

  ``separator, the hash function identifier, separator, the salt,
separator, the hash output``

And this another for a cipher text:

  ``separator, the cipher identifier, separator, the mode identifier,
separator, the IV parameter, separator, the ciphertext``

The idea of the schema has been taken of Linux systems that store the
hashed passwords so, using a ``$`` as separator.

For more information about Cryha read on its home project [1]. It can
be installed via setuptools:

    $ sudo easy_install Cryha


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