REMINDER: Python Sprint Weekend This Weekend!

Trent Nelson tnelson at
Wed May 7 21:52:05 CEST 2008

Just a friendly reminder that this weekend is the Python sprint weekend!  Look forward to seeing everyone on #python-dev over the course of the weekend!


On 16 Apr, 18:52, Trent Nelson wrote:
>    Following on from the success of previous sprint/bugfix weekends and
>    sprinting efforts at PyCon 2008, I'd like to propose the next two
>    Global Python Sprint Weekends, taking place on the following dates:
>        * May 10th-11th (four days after 2.6a3 and 3.0a5 are released)
>        * June 21st-22nd (~week before 2.6b2 and 3.0b2 are released)
>    It seems there are a few of the Python User Groups keen on meeting
>    up in person and sprinting collaboratively, akin to PyCon, which I
>    highly recommend.  I'd like to nominate Saturday across the board
>    as the day for PUGs to meet up in person, with Sunday geared more
>    towards an online collaboration day via IRC, where we can take care
>    of all the little things that got in our way of coding on Saturday
>    (like finalising/preparing/reviewing patches, updating tracker and
>    documentation, writing tests ;-).
>    For User Groups that are planning on meeting up to collaborate,
>    please reply to this thread on python-dev at and let every-
>    one know your intentions!
>    As is commonly the case, #python-dev on will be
>    the place to be over the course of each sprint weekend; a large
>    proportion of Python developers with commit access will be present,
>    increasing the amount of eyes available to review and apply patches.
>    For those that have an idea on areas they'd like to sprint on and
>    want to look for other developers to rope in (or just to communicate
>    plans in advance), please also feel free to jump on this thread via
>    python-dev@ and indicate your intentions.
>    For those that haven't the foggiest on what to work on, but would
>    like to contribute, the bugs tracker at is
>    the best place to start.  Register an account and start searching
>    for issues that you'd be able to lend a hand with.
>    All contributors that submit code patches or documentation updates
>    will typically get listed in Misc/ACKS.txt; come September when the
>    final release of 2.6 and 3.0 come about, you'll be able to point at
>    the tarball or .msi and exclaim loudly ``I helped build that!'',
>    and actually back it up with hard evidence ;-)
>    Bring on the pizza and Red Bull!
>        Trent.

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