ANN: Assembly Line 0.5

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at
Thu May 8 03:40:32 CEST 2008

I've uploaded a new version of my PyWeek 6 game, Assembly Line.

As a potential Pyggy entry, I'm keen to get some testing and feedback on it.

This version is greatly expanded. Some of the new features include:

     * More machine types and enhanced machine functionality
     * Simulation of a market that's buying your products
     * Multiple factories
     * Extensive reports showing what's going on with sales and finances
     * Sales and profit targets to aim for, and salary raises to seek after

Note that not all the products and machines are available at once now. The new 
machines will become available as the game progresses (about one every two 
months of game time) and you need to spend money to research new products.

I still haven't done much playtesting or balancing -- I've verified that the 
Phunky Phrisbee, Mojo Mallet and Supa Slice can be manufactured and sold at a 
profit, but I don't know about the others yet.


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