ANN: Hypy 0.8.3 (the extensively documented release)

Cory Dodt corydodt at
Mon Feb 23 20:44:44 CET 2009

All my fans of detailed example documentation are gonna love this release.
If you've been wondering whether Hypy has the feature you want for your
searching, check out the examples page and see for yourself.  (Link below.)

Hypy is a fulltext search interface for Python applications. Use it to index
and search your documents from Python code. Hypy is based on the
estraiernative bindings by Yusuke Yoshida.

* Fast, scalable
* Perfect recall ratio by N-gram method
* High precision by hybrid mechanism of N-gram and morphological analyzer
* Phrase search, regular expressions, attribute search (including numeric
and date comparisons), and similarity search
* Simple and powerful API

Homepage, downloads, everything, etc.:

This is of course on pypi and can be installed with easy_install or pip.
You will need Hyper Estraier installed to use it.

Release Version 0.8.3  (2009.02.22)
* Massively improved docstrings and internal documentation.  An extensive
  examples document is now available at

* Filter out null bytes while indexing.

* Improve performance of attribute searches.

* Add a teaser rst format i.e. **foo**

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