Tkinter based libraries Runtime Library 3.0 and Gestalt Items 1.1

Arndt Roger Schneider arndt.roger at
Fri Nov 6 15:02:36 CET 2009

Hi Python commuters,

It is my distinct pleasure to announce the
availability of Runtime Library 3.0
and Gestalt Items 1.1 for Tkinter and Python.

Both libraries are written in Tcl/Tk >= version 8.4.
Tkinter based Python Wrapper classes are part of the
libraries, making them accesible from Python.

The libraries contain a wide range of
composite windows for Tk:

Basic Container windows for
* scroll able dialogs
* automatic scrollbar management

Listboxes and Hierarchy
* Combobox
* A edit able listbox (called gistbox)
* Multi-column listboxes
* Tree

A complete AQUA compliant toolbar
* goolbar and zoolbar, toolbars
  implemented in Tk canvas and / or TkPath and
* gooleditor the associated interactive
  toolbar editor.
* A multi-line toolbar (galette)

* A dual shell, could serve as an
  interactive Python shell
* A Font selection dialog (Windows design)

tabset, status bar, ...

Take a look at the brand-new manual pages dedicated to Python:

There are currently no Python specific examples inside the
Python manual pages, sorry.

Some Details about the Libraries:

All the composite windows
use explicit naming conventions
--they are predeterministic-- to keep
bi-directional communication between
Tcl and Python minimal.

Most of the composite windows either use the
Tk canvas or TkPath pathCanvas window in their
implementation. This makes it possible to convert
all the composites into SVG.
The SVG generator is a separate --unpublished-- tool
and not bundled with the libraries.
The manual pages contain such SVGs generated from Tk.

TkPath is highly recommended to gain a
visually sophisticated GUI. The libraries
do also work without TkPath. TkPath is
based on CAIRO under X11 and bypasses the
Tk X11-emulation layer under Windows and OSX.

Download Packages:
geitems11.tgz -- Gestalt Items Library in Tcl/Tk
geitemsPython11.tgz -- Python classes for above Gestalt Items

rtl30.tgz -- Runtime Library in Tcl/Tk
rtlpython30.tgz -- Python classes for above Runtime Library

Also see the original documentation at:

The Runtime Library (Tcl/Tk) is documented by two
books, the latest book is online at:

The Gestalt Items book:

All three books contain lots of Tcl/Tk examples
and screen shots (as bitmaps).


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