ANN: eGenix mxODBC - Python ODBC Database Interface 3.0.4

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Fri Nov 6 17:51:26 CET 2009


 mxODBC - Python ODBC Database Interface

                           Version 3.0.4

    mxODBC is our commercially supported Python extension providing
         ODBC database connectivity to Python applications
                 on Windows, Unix and BSD platforms

This announcement is also available on our web-site for online reading:



mxODBC provides an easy-to-use, high-performance, reliable and robust
Python interface to ODBC compatible databases such as MS SQL Server,
MS Access, Oracle Database, IBM DB2 and Informix , Sybase ASE and
Sybase Anywhere, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SAP MaxDB and many more:

The "eGenix mxODBC - Python ODBC Database Interface" product is a
commercial extension to our open-source eGenix mx Base Distribution:



mxODBC 3.0.4 is a patch-level release and includes the following

 * Fixed Mac OS X Intel builds:

   The Mac OS X builds for 3.0.3 had a problem finding the installed
   iODBC administrator libraries on Intel Macs. This problem has now
   been resolved.

   Note: If you are having trouble finding the ODBC administrator on
   Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), this is because the initial release
   of 10.6 did not include the administrator GUI. You can download the
   update with the ODBC administrator from the Apple support

   Since mxODBC for Mac OS X is currently only available for 32-bit
   PPC and Intel platforms, be sure to use the 32-bit Mac
   OS X installer for installing Python and 32-bit ODBC drivers on
   Snow Leopard.

 * Enhanced support detecting platform mismatches:

   We have added better support for detecting mismatches between the
   downloaded prebuilt archive and the installation target
   configuration to the prebuilt archive installers.

   The script now prints an error message explaining the
   mismatch rather then trying to rebuild the extension.

For the full set of changes please check the mxODBC change log:

For the full set of features mxODBC has to offer, please see:



The download archives and instructions for installing the package can
be found at:

In order to use the eGenix mxODBC package you will first need to
install the eGenix mx Base package:



You are encouraged to upgrade to this latest mxODBC release,
especially if you are using MS SQL Server or Informix as database

Customers who have purchased mxODBC 3.0 licenses can download and
install this patch-level release on top of their existing
installations. The licenses will continue to work with version 3.0.4.

Users of mxODBC 1.0 and 2.0 will have to purchase new licenses from
our online shop in order to upgrade to mxODBC 3.0.4.

You can request 30-day evaluation licenses by visiting our web-site at

or writing to sales at, stating your name (or the name of the
company) and the number of eval licenses that you need.



Commercial support for this product is available from
Please see

for details about our support offerings.



About Python (

    Python is an object-oriented Open Source programming language
    which runs on all modern platforms. By integrating ease-of-use,
    clarity in coding, enterprise application connectivity and rapid
    application design, Python establishes an ideal programming
    platform for today's IT challenges.

About eGenix (

    eGenix is a software project, consulting and product company
    focusing on expert services and professional quality products for
    companies, Python users and developers.

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