[ANN] yappi v0.2

k3xji sumerc at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 22:37:17 CET 2009

yappi(Yet Another Python Profiler) v0.2 released. Documentation is

    * very efficient multi-threading profiling.
    * profiler pollution effect (the overhead that the profiler put on
an application) can be viewed from the statistic results.
    * may help to avoid deadlocks. yappi holds the name of the last
function executed in a specific thread in the statistic results which
helps to assist the programmer finding deadlock situations. More info
can be seen in the usage reference manual section.
    * profiler can be started from any thread at any time in a running
    * ability to get statistics without stopping the profiler on the
    * various flags to arrange/sort statistic result set.
    * specially designed for long-running Python applications.
    * very simple to use.


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