Tornado this month, PyCon Dress Rehearsal next month at PyGTA

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Wed Jan 13 21:45:43 CET 2010

We've got two fun months of PyGTA lined up.  This month we'll be
exploring the world of the Tornado web server
(, next month we've got a 3-speaker dress
rehearsal for PyCon 2010.  The details:

Tuesday, 19th January, 2010, 7pm

          Tornado Hacking

    Tornado <> ( is
    an Open Source non-blocking web server. It's used by FriendFeed to
    provide lightweight "server push" to the browser on the scale of
    thousands of simultaneous clients per server.

    We'll explore how to code with Tornado, and in particular, how to
    write callback-based asynchronous code. We'll also look at how
    server-push (polling, long-polling and streaming variants) works
    works on both the server and client side.

    If people are interested, we can also look at the REST-based CouchDB
    (asynchronous) client, or do some collaborative hacking on the
    ChatTrack (conference feedback tool) or TorChannels (generic push
    channels for Tornado) codebases.

Tuesday, 16th February, 2010, 7pm (gather)

          PyCon Dress Rehearsal

    3 PyCon 2010 Presenters will do a dress rehearsal of their PyCon
    2010 presentations <> just
    before they head down to Atlanta. All three talks are targeting
    beginner or general audiences, so feel free to bring along your new
    Pythonista friends.

    We have 3 PyCon previews scheduled:

        * Think Globally, Hack Locally - Teaching Python in Your
          Community — Leigh Honeywell
        * What We've Learned From Building Basie — Greg Wilson
        * Debating 'til Dawn: Topics to keep you up all night — Mike

    We will give each presenter 20 minutes and then as much
    question/answer and feedback time as they want. At PyCon they'll
    only get 30 minutes total, but we want to give them as much feedback
    as possible so they can polish their presentation for the larger

    We'll start the presentations at 7:30 (sharp) at Linux Caffe. If you
    bring a laptop, there will be an immediate feedback channel available.

Directions to the venue, RSS feeds of upcoming events, and all the
details are available on the web site:

Enjoy yourselves,

  Mike C. Fletcher
  Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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