StoryText (ex PyUseCase) 3.6.1 - GUI test tool written in Python

Geoff Bache geoff.bache at
Mon Nov 21 21:09:54 CET 2011

Hi all,

PyUseCase has been renamed to StoryText and a new release is out.

The 3.6 release introduces support for Java Swing (via Jython),
alongside the previous support for
PyGTK, Tkinter, SWT and Eclipse RCP (also via Jython) and the
prototype for wxPython.

There's also some serious enhancements and bugfixes been done on the
SWT /Eclipse RCP side, and some
minor enhancements and bugfixes for PyGTK.

Geoff Bache

A bit more detail:

StoryText is an unconventional GUI testing tool for PyGTK, Tkinter,
wxPython, Swing and SWT along with a Python framework for testing GUIs
in general.

Instead of recording GUI mechanics directly, it asks the user for
descriptive names and hence builds up a "domain language" along with a
"UI map file" that translates this language into actions on the
current GUI widgets. The point is to reduce coupling, allow very
expressive tests, and ensure that GUI changes mean changing the UI map
file but not all the tests.

Instead of an "assertion" mechanism, it auto-generates a log of the
GUI appearance and changes to it. The point is then to use that as a
baseline for text-based testing, using TextTest.

It also includes support for instrumenting code so that "waits" can be
recorded, making it far easier for a tester to record correctly
synchronized tests without having to explicitly plan for this.

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