Pyjamas 0.8.1~+alpha1 released

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Apr 16 11:21:54 CEST 2012

This is the 0.8.1~+alpha1 release of Pyjamas.  Pyjamas comprises several
projects, one of which is a stand-alone python-to-javascript compiler; other
projects include a Graphical Widget Toolkit, such that pyjamas applications
can run either in web browsers as pure javascript (with no plugins required)
or stand-alone on the desktop (as a competitor to PyGTK2 and PyQT4).

This announcement marks the beginning of the pyjamas 0.8.1 release
candidates.  Operating Systems, Browsers and Desktop Engines tested so
far are listed here:

Downloads are available from the usual places:

Pyjamas is slowly converting to running its own infrastructure using pyjamas
applications (which also operate as Desktop applications).  This includes:

* - a git repository viewer using python-git
* - a list viewer using lamson's json archive
* - a simple web engine using AJAX to get HTML pages
* the wiki is next (using python-dulwich)

The full source code of each of these applications is available and can be
used for projects and purposes other than for pyjamas itself.

The README is available here:

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