gevent 1.1 released

Jason Madden jason.madden at
Sat Mar 5 12:49:06 EST 2016

On behalf of the gevent development team and the gevent contributors, I'm very pleased to announce the release of gevent 1.1.

gevent ( is a coroutine-based library that uses greenlets to provide a high-level synchronous API on top of the libev event loop. While the primary focus is on networking (providing a drop-in replacement for the standard library socket and ssl modules), gevent also provides many features to support coroutine-based programming, such as events, queues and task pools. It runs on POSIX platforms (e.g., OS X and Linux) as well as Windows.

gevent 1.1 is the first release of gevent to fully support Python 3 and PyPy and has many additions over the previous release, 1.0.2. Despite that, pre-releases of 1.1 have been in production use at several different organizations for several months.

For a general overview of what's new in gevent 1.1, see

A detailed changelog is here:

gevent 1.1 represents over a year of effort, including code contributions by more than two dozen people, and over 200 closed issues by many other contributors.

~ Jason

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