Python-based LUM shell released

CJS Hayward christos.jonathan.hayward at
Sun Apr 8 22:11:33 EDT 2018

A revamped version of an unofficial Python Shell ("psh") , an experimental shell intended to bring more power and expert-friendly UX to the Linux / Unix / Mac command line, has been released. Its main focus is to be an interactive command line shell that will let you use Python as the shell's (native) scripting language. It has other experimental niceties; for instance, you are not required to type a command when a command is obvious. If you give a directory name, it will change directory to that directory (an old-fashioned "ls" will still list the directory). If you type the name of a source file in the current directory (or current directory heirarchy!) it will pull it up in the editor. (You can circumvent this behavior by prefacing standard commands by "run"). The code is written to read like plain English and be hacker-friendly, and patches are of course welcome!

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C.J.S. Hayward

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