Leo 5.7.1 Released

Edward K. Ream edreamleo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 04:07:35 EDT 2018

Leo 5.7.1, http://leoeditor.com, is now available on [GitHub](

Leo is an IDE, outliner and PIM, as described [here](

**The highlights of Leo 5.7.1**

- Improved support for themes, including the open-theme-file command.
    - Added --theme=<name> command-line option.
    - Added @string theme-name setting.
    - Leo warns if stylesheets contain undefined @-constants.
- Replaced 5 vs-* commands by corresponding eval* commands.
- Support @file x.md using html sentinels.
- Allow @path in @<file> nodes, and optionally generate same in recursive
- Improved menus.
- The usual minor bug fixes.


- Leo's home page: http://leoeditor.com
- [Documentation](http://leoeditor.com/leo_toc.html)
- [Tutorials](http://leoeditor.com/tutorial.html)
- [Video tutorials](http://leoeditor.com/screencasts.html)
- [Forum](http://groups.google.com/group/leo-editor)
- [Download](http://sourceforge.net/projects/leo/files/)
- [Leo on GitHub](https://github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor)
- [LeoVue](https://github.com/kaleguy/leovue#leo-vue)
- [What people are saying about Leo](http://leoeditor.com/testimonials.html)
- [A web page that displays .leo files](http://leoeditor.com/load-leo.html)
- [More links](http://leoeditor.com/leoLinks.html)

Edward K. Ream: edreamleo at gmail.com Leo: http://leoeditor.com/

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