[ANN] Josh Bartlett — pygame Artist in Residence exhibit.

René Dudfield renesd at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 05:32:28 EST 2018


Josh Bartlett has made a video for his pygame Artist in Residence exhibit.
It's a timelapse of Trosnoth <https://trosnoth.org/> development in
October. There is also a blog post about it: timelapse trosnoth development

See the trosnoth <https://sqizit.bartletts.id.au/tag/trosnoth/> tag on his
blog to see his earlier blog posts made during October about Trosnoth.


Thanks Josh!

ps. if you want to see the text more clearly you'll need to watch it
fullscreen in 1080p.

   - Trosnoth is a networked multi player game that was originally
   developed as part of a technology camp. More info here:
   https://trosnoth.org/ and here: https://www.pygame
   .org/artist-in-residence/1 and here:
   - pygame (the library) is for making multimedia apps like games, video
   and audio creation. Software made with pygame has been used by billions
   of people around the world. pygame (the community) is a small volunteer
   group of creative humans who ♥ making things. pygame (the website)
   https://www.pygame.org/news <https://www.pygame.org/news> is where
   people can share, learn, and collaborate on their creative endeavors.

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