learning by contributing to FLOSS (and pygame in specific)

René Dudfield renesd at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 03:51:20 EDT 2018


I'm looking for a small group of 10-30 people who are interested in
contributing to the pygame project as part of a class or user group meeting.

Rather than a normal user group meeting or class, it could be: "contribute
to an open source project".

Be in touch!? Let's do it! :)

*Why?* (teaching by helping people contribute to FLOSS projects.)
Because you don't learn karate from a book.
Builds social connections and skills.
Portfolio, and evidence of talent.
Sort of fun and different compared to a talks night at a user group.

*Why pygame?* (rather than some other project)
Because I want to do this with my pet project.
It's sort of fun compared to some topics (better than watching paint dry at
Because it's sort of well known project (millions of users).
... with almost zero full time or even part time developers (that's why
it's called pygame zero).
Because I will help before and during the class(es)/session(s), and have
resources and issues prepared.
  *[hey! you could totally do this with your own pet projects too!]*

*How will a gathering work?*

*The goal*: At the end of the gathering, people will have learned how a
FLOSS project is done, submitted a PR, and have a big thank you posted on
the website.

A session could run like this:

   1. A short lightning talk can be done on what's happening by someone on
   how to write a unit test, and what is a github issue (slides can be made
   2. A number of topics will be presented to choose from. These will be
   'low hanging fruit' issues. Like, "write a test for a draw rectangle
   3. People will split off into small groups of 2-4 people. Each choosing
   an issue. Probably beginners and experts will be mixed together.
   4. Project developers will be available via web chat (Discord) (or in
   person perhaps if it's where the developers live...).
   5. results will be pasted into issues, and perhaps even pull requests
   6. At the end one person from each group will show off what they've done
   and experienced to the group. (several short talks)

[Hrmm... you may be thinking that this sort of sounds exactly like a Dojo
(shout out to London Python Dojo) or mini conference sprint format(shout
out to pypy!). Yop.)

If anyone wants to do this with me please be in touch to get this going! I
will announce when it's happening so people can drop by online too if they


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